Something About my

If you have come this far, it is because you have any interest in knowing something more about who is behind the images that I expose on this website or in any of the social networks, something that seems very smart to me if you are considering hiring the services of any professional, for which I congratulate you.

Villegas es como comúnmente me conocen y como decidí darme a conocer profesionalmente, aunque mi nombre es Francisco. El inicio de mi relación con la fotografía no fue académica, mas bien artística de inicio y posteriormente cursando formación especializada en las diferentes áreas de las que hoy puedo ofrecer.

What do I do?

I try that the relationship with clients is close and respectful, each person has a story and I am a great fan of listening to them. Just as I have the conviction that we all have our own light and my job will be to find it.

I try to be transparent in the explanations and in the resolution of doubts that you may have to avoid unpleasant surprises and you can decide freely without any kind of commitment.

My activity takes place in various areas ( deportes, retrato & artes escénicas). Although I have a certain predilection for portraiture.

How do i do it?

Therefore, in both individual and couple portrait sessions, I put at your disposal the possibility of obtaining images with the level of creativity and editorial style usual in these productions, with make-up artists and professional hairdressers from the industry to enhance your image.

About me

It’s not just about taking good pictures, it’s about remembering it as a magnificent experience.

Unlike in the coverage of events, either commissioned by the organizers or by the press, in which they seek to capture those ephemeral and spontaneous moments that convey the atmosphere of the moment.

In the creation of fashion editorials or in portrait sessions, I tend to be quite methodical in preparing so that the session runs smoothly and you only worry about having a good time and that the result is up to your expectations.

Something that I usually emphasize and that also differentiates portrait sessions or editorial productions compared to coverage of events, is that in the former I always put the result before the clock, since that photograph that is expected is usually capricious and it appears when the right conditions are met.


Well, so far a brief extract of who I am, what I do and how I usually do it. Of course, I invite you to contact me through the contact form on the web to Any question that you consider appropriate and I will be happy to answer you.


Rafael Fullana

“…Professionalism and involvement in the pursuit of the perfect photo, surprising !!…”

David de Calle

“… Seeing Fashion from your camera is to perfectly capture the essence of each collection and each stitch!…”

Jaume Gomila

“…Francisco J. Villegas helped us define the what and found the how. That’s efficiency !!…”