Imagen tomada durante el rodaje por el foto fija Villegas Photo

Total Mobility

Ability to travel to national and international locations. Transport, accommodation and daily allowances are to be paid by the client.

Silent equipment

I have the necessary equipment to work in complete silence without interfering with the creative process.

Basic settings included

Colour correction and framing is included. If something more elaborate is desired, it will be budgeted additionally.

Half Time o Full Time

The half time comprises 4 hours from the time of the summons. The full time day comprises 8 hours from the time of the appointment. Transport is not included.

Delivery of highlights

At the end of the day, a selection of appropriate images can be provided for use on social media.

Respectful teamwork

Without interfering, with discretion, listening and integrating myself into the daily work dynamics.

Use of images

Two examples of the main use of the images I have captured during shoots as still photography.

Album packaging

  • Some of the images taken during the filming of Umbert’s video clip Asteroids, were used in the album FRAGMENTS.
Still photo work to illustrate a packaging album made by Villegas Photo.
Behind-the-scenes scene during filming, showing the director and cinematographer at work. photos taken by Villegas Photo

BTS or “Behind the Scenes”

  • To show the work that goes on behind the scenes and that channels all the creative and human effort, bringing it closer to the curious spectator through social networks.

Request for information

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“The photographer cannot be a passive spectator, he cannot be truly lucid if he is not involved in the event”.