Villegas is how I am commonly known, and it’s the professional identity I chose to adopt, even though my name is Francisco. My journey into photography didn’t start academically; rather, it began as an artistic pursuit at the young age of 12 when I eagerly developed my first rolls, experimenting with my artistic immaturity that would eventually evolve into my profession.

I am qualified as a health emergency technician, which has led me to perform this activity in advanced life support units of SAMU 061. The experience gained not only equipped me with valuable skills in critical situations but also sharpened my perception of life, emphasizing its significance and fragility. It was this unique and reflective approach that led me to focus on certain areas of photography.

A decade ago, I made the decision to undergo specialized training in the two disciplines that, for me, encapsulate the human essence: sports photography and performing arts. These two areas convey the passion, empathy, and generosity that I consider fundamental in everyday life, elements that are easily recognizable in my images.

No existe la mala fotogenia; sólo existe el mal fotógrafo. Each person has their light, and our duty is to find it.”

When you immerse yourself in the action during sports events, you have the opportunity to capture those intense moments that reveal the essence of competition and the athletes’ sacrifice.

In contrast, freezing emotion in time is a challenge in the performing arts, where each image must tell a unique story through the facial, bodily, or compositional expressions of the artists during their performances on stage.

A third discipline that I develop to a lesser extent and almost always within the framework of personal projects is portrait photography, which fascinates me for its rhythm and delicacy. This genre allows me to explore the nuances of human expression, seeking harmony in composition, creating portraits that go beyond the surface to reveal the complexity and authenticity of their subjects.

And this is me, and this is my vision of the world around me. I merge my life experiences and transfer it to the instant I pressed the button.


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