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Within the performing arts, theatre is the best known and the one in which I have demonstrable experience covering the most important fairs in the Balearic Islands such as FIET, the Barruguet Festival or the FiraB!

I also have the necessary equipment for the difficult conditions in which these events usually take place and thus take high quality images.

If you would like to see a more recent sample of my work you can visit my instagram profile at: @villegastab_sport


Dance is a language where communication takes place through corporal expression.

Freezing the instant when that expression is strongest is the objective pursued in the most discreet way possible.

In each pass, this instant is sought over and over again until it is achieved.




The music is colour to the ears and the artists give their all on stage.

Conveying that dedication and feeling to the viewer in a single image is a sublime thing once you have achieved it.

Be it Rock, Jazz, Pop or Hip Hop. The variety of styles enhances the possibility of extracting unique images.

Here you can find some of the articles and images from the events I am covering.

What services do I offer?

The following list are the basic services we offer at all performing arts events. We always prepare a detailed quotation once we have been provided with the necessary information.

-. Hiring by the hour or by the day.
-. JPG in high resolution
-. Basic editing (tones, exposure, etc…).
-. Transfer of highlights during the event.
-. Post-event transfer by Wetransfer.
-. Travel included in Mallorca

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