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Sporting Events

I have the necessary equipment for indoor and outdoor sporting events.

Experienced in covering national and international events such as regattas, tennis tournaments, golf tournaments and endurance races. Working for communication agencies, press agencies or direct contracting by the client.

If you would like to see more of my recent work, you can check my instagram feed @villegastab_sport

International Recognition

The Copa del Rey MAPFRE, the Trofeo Princesa S.A.R. Princesa Sofía, the Mallorca Championships ATP250 and the Mallorca Golf Open, both men’s and women’s, are prestigious international events that require a high level of specialisation and which I have had the privilege of covering for many years.

In this part of the website you can read some of the articles and see some of the images of the events where I have developed my work.

Ladies Golf Open Tour



Natural ability to work well with multidisciplinary teams, enhancing results and helping to create a relaxed atmosphere.

I welcome criticism in any professional area to help me improve.

I tend to be clear, concise and assertive in communication in order to optimise the tasks I have to carry out.

What services do I offer?

The following is a list of the basic services we offer at all events. We always prepare a detailed quotation once we have been provided with the necessary information.

-. Hiring by the hour or by the day.
-. JPG in high resolution
-. Basic editing (tones, exposure, etc…).
-. Transfer of highlights during the event.
-. Post-event transfer by Wetransfer.
-. Travel included in Mallorca

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Ladies Golf Open Tour