2º Mallorca Design Day


On May 24, the second edition of Mallorca Design Daytook place. This event aims to promote and make visible the work of new designers from the Balearic, national and international sphere. On May 24, the second edition of Mallorca Design Day took place.

I remind you that this short chronicle of the event is from my personal and professional perspective. Those who attended, you may agree with me on everything, something or nothing.

This event would take place in the port area of Puerto Portals. I arrived well in advance and as I got closer you could already see a great deployment in both infrastructure and human resources. The media had our own platform with a good camera line shot. The lighting was not activated but it was evident that we were not going to miss light.

But unfortunately the weather was delighting us with a typical weekend in May (you want sun … well, drink water …). Todo podía cambiar, así que fuí a por la acreditación que estaba a cargo de Vivir del Cuento – Comunicación.

As the time was, I went backstage, since I had access for a limited time and would go for those images that I like so much. Knowing the chaos that characterizes these areas, it was quite well organized and contrasted the areas of makeup and hairdressing working piecemeal. In other areas you could see the models chatting in a relaxed way and the designers finalizing the details of their collections that they would show in a few hours.

Everyone worked oblivious to what was coming their way since the rain gave no respite and even so there were personnel draining water without rest until the last moment … precisely that … “the point of no return”, where it is usually decided whether to implement the contingency plan or to definitively cancel the event. At any moment we would have news and doubts would be dispelled.

And this is where I bring up the comment in previous paragraphs, which is none other than acknowledging the great work done by Raquel Arañon, that in an agile, firm and orderly way, he gave precise instructions that began with removing the press from the backstage and transferring it to the captaincy tower occupying the ground floor and above, in a matter of 40 minutes with the support of all the staff the transition was made, at a frenetic pace with races everywhere and considerable stress, but it was done!

Space, what is said space … was reduced to its minimum expression in which we were all Tetris pieces trying to fit into a new board, but it was functional so I took the photos I needed leaving that space swift and fast in favor of the work of the the rest.

At the same time in a galaxy not too far away … (that is, where the backstage was before) they had been working to transform it into what was going to be the new catwalk, covered, safe from the rain and ready to receive the guests. Some images will better show all the work they did, Well done for them!

The Event

Well, do you remember that I told you that before the media had a platform with a good camera line shot where a 200mm could fall short and that we would not lack light? Let’s see … you know what they say that touch makes love, right? Let’s say there was a lot and all of us were “falling in love” and with the people in the front row and those next to us … we have to thank The great work of Tania Llasera who, in addition to leading the event with her usual self-confidence, was pending to provide us with some shots that seemed difficult.

Raquel Arañon (left) / Corinna Graf (right)
Tania Llasera

If you have not yet tired of this little chronicle, I have to tell you that despite all the obstacles they had to overcome, the parade was held and that as a counterpoint the guests were closer to the collections than they were going to be able to. normal, we (those who take photos) managed once again to make the collections, the models and the event in general look as they deserved.

I will put some photos for you to enjoy the result and the rest if you want you can see it on my Instagram profile


Designer: David de Calle / Model: Marisa Knox
Designer: Alfonso Sanchez / Model: Arantxa Martínez
Designer: Nicolas Sanchez / Model: Cristina Clipa
Designer: Modesto Lomba / Model: Madelaine Hjort
Designer: Carla García / Model: Marisa Jara
Designer: Modesto Lomba / Model: Malena Costa

Contest winners

International Winner – Nicolas Sanchez
National Winner – David de Calle
Balearic Winner – Marisa del Hoyo
National Curvy Winner – Carla Garcia