Festival Barruguet 2023 – Colour, Magic and Culture

Less than a month ago, I had the privilege of being hired for the Barruguet Festival in Santa Eulària del Riu, on the wonderful island of Ibiza.

Children enjoying street games | PHOTO: VILLEGAS PHOTO
Children enjoying street games | PHOTO: VILLEGAS PHOTO

From 26th to 28th May 2023, Santa Eulària del Riu became a stage full of colour and joy. More than 20 plays, specially selected for children and young audiences, came to life in different parts of the town.

From classics to contemporary stories, each performance transported the audience to a magical world.

Performance of Papirus at the España Theatre | PHOTO: VILLEGAS PHOTO
Performance of Papirus at the España Theatre | PHOTO: VILLEGAS PHOTO

As a photographer, my main goal was to capture the essence of each play, conveying the emotions and energy that came out of each performance.

From the enthusiasm of the actors to the expressions of astonishment on the children’s faces, every fleeting moment became an image through my lens.

In addition to the theatrical performances, the Barruguet Festival also hosted a series of professional conferences that brought together leading professionals from the performing arts.

This space for meeting, exchange and debate was a catalyst for the growth and evolution of children’s theatre. As a photographer, I witnessed the passionate discussions and the flow of creative ideas that emerged during these days.

Workshop given by Rosa Diaz as part of the Professional Days of the Barruguet 2023 Festival.
Rosa Díaz during the workshop in the framework of the professional days | PHOTO: VILLEGAS PHOTO

I am grateful to have been part of this unique experience. Through my work, I have been able to capture moments full of magic and emotion and share them with the world. I look forward to next year, when the Barruguet Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary, and to witnessing and capturing the even more special moments to come.



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