A brilliant second day with 96 boats in the race.

96 teams divided into twelve categories have cast off this Friday for the second day of the event organised by the Real Club Náutico de Palma.

Float day on approach to the windward buoy PalmaVela
Fleet approaching the windward buoy | PHOTO: ©VILLEGAS PHOTO

Almost one hundred boats gathered this Friday in the bay of Palma. With the incorporation of ten new divisions to the PalmaVela regatta programme, the event organised by the Real Club Náutico de Palma has filled the bay with sails on its second day, which has once again been marked by south-westerly winds of around eleven knots.

“Galateia” in Maxi A, “Anima II” in Maxi B, “Elena Nova” in ORC 0-1, “M8” in ORC 2, “Viking IX” in ORC 3, “Just The Job” in ORC 4-5, “Flying High” in ORC Sportboat, “January Sails” in Spirit of Tradition, “Marigan” in Época, “Team Balearia RCNP” in J80, “Mr. Nova” in Dragon and “Seljm” in 6 Metres are the new leaders of the classification.

Two windward-leeward races for Maxis

After yesterday’s coastal race, the Maxis returned to the race course on Friday to complete two races in a windward-leeward format, which led to the first changes in the general classification.

In Division A, David M. Leuschen’s “Galateia” remains at the front of the fleet with a first and a third place finish. Leuschen remains at the front of the fleet with one first and one third place, while second place is now occupied by Sir Lindsay Owen’s “Magic Carpet”. With a third place and a partial victory in today’s races, Miguel Galuccio’s boat managed to overtake Nicolás González’s “Vera”, which moved up to third, and is now two points off the lead.

Ñeti Cuervas-Mons, bowman of the “Magic Carpet”, stated that “Today was a very good day for Magic Carpet. Tomorrow is a coastal race around the bay, so the game will be a bit different, but in any case so far we’ve seen that the starts have been decisive and we’ll have to fight for it”.

The Maxi B class closes the day with a new leader. Christian Hentschel’s “Anima II”, who was third yesterday, took the two victories at stake today and moved up to the first place, relegating Ermanno Traverso’s “Stormvogel” to provisional second place. The third position is now occupied by Romain Mouchel’s “Atalante”.

ORC fleet makes its debut in the Bay of Palma

In ORC, the longest boats – ORC 0-1 – made their debut in the Bay of Palma completing a 24.3 mile coastal race in which the Spanish Armada’s “Aifos” was the fastest. The boat skippered by Jaime Rodríguez Toubes took three hours and fifteen minutes to complete the course, although it is now second overall behind Christian Plump and Javier Sanz’s “Elena Nova”, which was the best on corrected time and is now at the top of the general rankings. Third place goes to Toni Guiu’s “Blue Carbon”.

In ORC 2, which also completed a 19-mile coastal race, José Luis Francés’ Valencian “M8” made its debut in the Bay of Palma with a partial victory and therefore leads the general classification. Behind them, second place went to “Modul – Laplaza Assesores” led by Carles Rodríguez and third place went to Maciej Gnatowski’s “Scamp Three”, which was the fastest in real time.

The ORC 3, 4-5 and Sportboat classes sailed two windward-leeward races. In ORC 3 the PalmaVela starts with a tie in the lead between Erik Tejedor’s “Viking IX” and “Immac Fram” skippered by Kai Mares. Both scored a first and a second, although this time the tie-breaker went in favour of Tejedor’s team as they were the last to score the partial victory. Behind, seven points behind, third place goes to Thomas Rudewald’s “Santina”.

The competition was less tight in ORC 4-5, with Scott Beattie’s “Just The Job” giving his rivals no chance, taking both victories and becoming the first leader of the class. Second place goes to “Tres Mares”, with Juan Escandell at the helm, and third place goes to Jaime Morell’s RCNP team “Mestral Fast”.

In ORC Sportboat, the fleet made its debut in the event with Harris’ “Flying High” leading the way, with two second places. They are followed overall by Mark Sadler’s “Abracadabra” with a sixth and a first and Kai-Uwe Hollweg’s “OMG”, which are tied with Sadler’s with a third and a fourth.

First tests for the monotypes

The three monotype divisions that made their debut on Friday were the first to hear the starting horn. The J80s did so five minutes after one o’clock in the afternoon and, with a south-westerly wind of around eleven knots, were able to complete three windward-leeward races.

After opening their scoreboard with a third place in the first race of the day, the “Team Balearia RCNP” of local sailor María Bover managed to add two partial victories that allowed them to become the first leader of the 19th PalmaVela. They are followed in the general rankings by Manuel de Tomás’ “Iser” and “Dorsia Covirán” with José Azqueta at the helm, second and third respectively.

Once back on the pontoons Bover stated that “we have started very well, but these races are very tight and we can’t get distracted, let’s see if tomorrow we can do as well as today, and we’ll see about the rest of the days, there are many races ahead”.

The 6 Metre fleet, meanwhile, completed the two races on its programme with “Seljm” relentless on the race course. The boat skippered by the Portuguese Patrick Monteiro took the two victories at stake, placing him as the first leader of the class.

Behind them, Dieter Schoen’s “Momo” and Jan Eckert’s “Ginkgotoo” had the same scores – a second and a third each – but the tie-break went in favour of Schoen’s team, who are second ahead of Eckert’s team.

It was a tighter first day for the Dragon fleet. With a second and a first place, Jorge Forteza’s “Mr. Nova” was at the top of the classification and only one point ahead of “Yeahnah” skippered by Ben Kolff, who with a first and a third place was in second position overall. Behind them, the provisional podium was closed by “Capa”, with Javier Scherk at the helm.

“Marigan” and “January Sails”, leaders in Epoch and Spirit of Tradition

The Vintage and Spirit of Tradition fleets also made their debuts this Friday in the Mallorcan event, completing the first coastal race of their programme with a course of 13 and 15.9 miles respectively.

Tim Liesenhoff’s “Marigan” was the first to cross the finish line in the Epoch division, and did so with enough of a lead to take the win on corrected time. It is followed overall by Nelsson Hausmann’s “Le Temps Perdu”.

In the Spirit of TraditionAlthough in real time he was not the first to cross the finish line, the local team “January Sails” of Gabriel Catalá managed to win the classification, and did so with a lead of almost five minutes in corrected time over Mateo Grimalt’s “Micanga”, in second place. Third place went to Marcus Schiermann’s “Little Thila”.

Tomorrow they all sail

Tomorrow, Saturday, the last two remaining divisions will join the competition, ORC A Two 0-3 and 4-5, bringing the total number of boats in contention for the victory of the 19th edition of the PalmaVela to 110.

The starting horn is scheduled for 12:00 noon for the fourteen categories taking part.


1. Galateia, David M. Leuschen, 1+1+3=5
2. Magic Carpet 3, Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones, 3+3+1=7
3. Vera, Nicolás González, 2+2+4=8

1. Anima II, Christian Hentschel, 3+1+1=5
2. Stormvogel, Ermanno Traverso, 1+2+3=6
3. Atalante, Romain Mouchel, 2+3+2=7

ORC 0-1
1. Elena Nova, Christian Plump/Javier Sanz, 1 punto
2. Aifos, Jaime Rodríguez Toubes, 2 puntos
3. Blue Carbon, Toni Guiu, 3 puntos

1. M8, José Luis Francés, 1 punto
2. Modul-Laplaza Assesores, Carles Rodríguez 2 puntos
3. Scamp Three, Maciej Gnatowski, 3 puntos

1. Viking IX, Erik Tejedor, 2+1=3
2. Immac Fram, Kai Mares, 1+2=3
3. Santina, Thomas Rudewald, 4+3=7

ORC 4-5
1. Just The Job, Scott Beattie, 1+1=2
2. Tres Mares, Juan Escandell, 2+2=4
3. Mestral Fast, Jaime Morell, 3+4=7

1. Flying High, Harris, 2+2=4
2. Abracadabra, Mark Sadler, 6+1=7
3. OMG, Kai-Uwe Hollweg, 3+4=7

1. Marigan, Tim Liesenhoff, 1 punto
2. Le Temps Perdu, nelssin Hausmann, 2 puntos
3. Freda, Miguel Rigo, DNF 4 puntos

1. January Sails, Gabriel Catalá, 1 punto
2. Micanga, Mateo Grimalt, 2 puntos
3. Little Thila, Marcus Schiermann, 3 puntos

1. Team Balearia RCNP, María Bover, 3+1+1=5
2. Iser, Manuel de Tomás, 1+2+3=6
3. Dorsia Covirán, José Azqueta, 2+4+2=8

1. Mr. Nova, Jorge Forteza, 2+1=3
2. Yeahnah, Bel Kolff, 1+3=4
3. Capa, Javier Scherk, 3+2=5

1. Seljm, Patrick Monteiro, 1+1=2
2. Momo, Dieter Schoen, 3+2=5
3. Ginkgotoo, Jan Eckert, 2+3=5

SOURCE: 19th PalmaVela Communication Office


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