Provezza and Platoon will play for the title at the Puerto Portals 52 Super Series Sailing Week

The Puerto Portals 52 Super Series Sailing Week regatta is ready to unfold its fifth and final race in the waters off Mallorca. From 18th to 23rd September, this event, considered the pinnacle of the Grand Prix monohull circuit worldwide, will take to the seas off the Balearic island for its twelfth edition.

This competition, known as the Formula 1 of sailing, will once again bring together the entire fleet, promising unprecedented excitement on the maritime horizon of Puerto Portals.

Nacho Postigo left Corinna Graf centre and Agustín Zulueta during press conference

The CEO of Puerto Portals, Corinna Graf, makes no secret of her pride in hosting this prestigious regatta. “It is an honour to host this regatta here in Mallorca and in Puerto Portals. We have a special affection for this kind of sailing. They are the best, many of them Olympians, and to have them here is a privilege”. Graf emphasises the importance of the event taking place in September, thus helping to deseasonalise tourism and attract visitors to the island outside the summer months.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Puerto Portals, as part of its Blue Marina project, will measure the emissions generated by the regatta in order to optimise its environmental impact.

The general manager of the 52 Super Series, Agustín Zulueta, is enthusiastic about returning to Puerto Portals. “Coming to Puerto Portals is like coming home. This year more than 600 people from all over the world will come here, attracted by the reputation of this marina and the impeccable organisation of this regatta. They will undoubtedly become ambassadors for Mallorca”. Zulueta also announces that the 52 Super Series will travel to the United States next year, to return to the Mallorcan waters the following summer.

Ergin Imre’s Provezza, leader and winner of two of the four events this year, faces Germany’s Platoon, recently proclaimed TP52 world champion and victorious in the last two races. Provezza has an 18-point lead, but Harm Müller-Spreer’s Platoon is lurking behind after an astonishing progression from seventh place at the start of the season.

The fight for third place is shaping up to be a tight battle between Doug DeVos’ Quantum Racing powered by American Magic and Tony Langley’s Gladiator, separated by just one point after four events.

The TP52 fleet at one of last year's starts.
The TP52 fleet at one of last year’s starts.

The Puerto Portals 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week programme will open on Monday, 18th September, with an official training day that will not award points. The distribution of points will take place over a maximum of ten rounds from Tuesday, 19 September to Saturday, 23 September.

Provisional standings 52 SUPER SERIES

1. PROVEZZA (TUR), Ergin Imre, 34+42+35+26 = 137
2. PLATOON (GER), Harm Müller-Spreer, 45+51+34+25 = 155
4. GLADIATOR (GBR), Tony Langley, 40+66+41+34 = 181
5. SLED (USA), Takashi Okura, 45+52+46,5+51 = 194,5
6. ALEGRE (GBR), Andy Soriano, 43+64+46+44 = 197
7. VAYU (THA), Familia Whitcrao, 58+48+65+54 = 225
8. INTERLODGE (USA), Aus/n y Gwen Fragomen, 45+54+100+58 = 257
9. PHOENIX (RSA) Hasso Plarner, 57+71+100+39 = 267
10. PAPREC (FRA), Jean-Luc Pe/thuguenin, 56+81+58+88 = 283
11. ALPHA+ (HKG), Shawn y Tina Kang, 65+91+72+66 = 294

SOURCE: Communication Office Puerto Portals
IMAGES: Villegas Photo


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