Joan Mir Santandreu Trial Jumping
Joan Mir’s spectacular leap at the end of the zone

Last Sunday, November 5th, I attended the tenth edition of the Trial Amics, one of the most prominent events in the Balearic Trial Championship since 2004.

The chosen location for this challenge was the surroundings of the Galdent quarries, whose history dates back to the 14th century. These quarries, which once produced high-quality marl for the most ornate elements of religious and civil buildings, became the perfect setting for the skill and excitement of this sport.

The Motoclub Escudería l’Ofre was responsible for organizing this trial day in Llucmajor, which managed to attract the best riders from the Balearic Islands in the 8 categories called. The atmosphere was filled with competitiveness and camaraderie, with many spectators moving from one area to another to closely follow the competitions.

Trial riders talking camaraderie
Several pilots discussing strategy

In the top category, TR2, rider José Segura emerged victorious, demonstrating his skill and prowess on the motorcycle. Behind him, Jordi Crespi and Guillem Soler completed the podium.

The winners in the other categories were Miguel Salva, Andreu Avella, Pep Segura, Juan Thomas, Juan Jose Mir, Iván García, and José Manuel Feit, who showcased their skills on their motorcycles and entertained the spectators.

Thanks were given to the collaboration of the Llucmajor City Council, the Balearic Motorcycling Federation, and the sponsors who contributed to the success of this event once again. The involvement of local authorities enhances the importance of events like the Trial Amics for the community and highlights the connection between sports and the city.

With the conclusion of this event in Mallorca, the Balearic Trial Championship will move to Ibiza for the final competition of the season.

In summary, it was not just a sports competition but an event that brought the community together around a passion for trial and skill on two wheels. The roar of the engines, the skill of the riders, and the enthusiasm of the spectators created a fantastic atmosphere.

Source and Images: Villegas Photo