For four intense days, the streets of Vilafranca de Bonany witnessed an explosion of creativity and talent at the Children’s and Youth Fair of the Balearic Islands (FIET).

Rag & Bone performing on the street in front of children's audiences
Rag & Bone performing on the street in front of children’s audiences

A space where the passion for the performing arts merges with the collective effort of a committed community. Year after year, Vilafranca opens its doors and hearts to make this celebration possible.

From the theatre in Vilafranca de Bonany to the open-air squares and itinerant performances, the stage unfolded in multiple facets.

Sustainability, accessibility and integration become fundamental pillars of FIET. It is not only an entertainment event, but a platform that promotes essential values in today’s society. The participating companies not only dazzled with their art, but also conveyed messages that invite reflection and environmental awareness.

What I expected these 4 days

As the official photographer in charge of capturing every moment, I had the privilege of entering a universe where theatre stands as a tool for training and growth for young people of all ages.

Rel i Grapa performing in the middle of the night
Rel i Grapa performing in the middle of the night

Facing the challenge of documenting the 35 plays performed, scattered throughout the town and sometimes coinciding in schedules, was a somewhat complicated task. This year I had a bicycle that became my faithful ally, which could already be my physical shape… but gentlemen… pears to the elm… at least it helped me to overcome the distances and allowed me to arrive on time to each staging.

The complexity of my work lay in capturing the essence of each work in a limited amount of time. In less than fifteen minutes, he had to find the right angle, light and composition to capture the full force and emotion of each performance. This requires precise timing, a deep understanding of the narrative of the work and a keen artistic sensibility.

Theatre, in its purest essence, stands as a tool of transformation for the young participants. Artistic expression becomes a universal means of communication that transcends barriers and promotes tolerance and inclusion.

From the youngest children taking their first steps on stage to teenagers unleashing their creative potential, each performance is a testament to the formative power of art.

Work "ZOOM" at one of its high points.
Work “ZOOM” at one of its high points.

The spirit of the Vilafranca community was palpable in every corner of the FIET, enthusiastically involved in every detail, ensuring that companies, professionals, technicians and visitors alike felt welcomed and appreciated.

The Children and Youth Fair of the Balearic Islands transcends the boundaries of ephemeral entertainment and as a photographer, I had the privilege of immortalising every moment, every emotion, every gesture of the young people who left their mark on the FIET stage.



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